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Apple Watch Series 2, Review, Feature, Price, Release 28 Oct
Apple Watch Series 2, Review, Feature, Price, Release 28 Oct

Apple Watch Series 2, Review, Feature, Price, Release 28 Oct

Apple Watch series 2 Quick Review at One Glance

Apple Watch Series 2 – Apple is known for good quality and luxury products. Well with the success of previous launched series 1 watch and other apple products like their latest iPhone 7 and 7 plus another iPhone, iPod, Mac Book and rest all apple products. Apple already launched it’s series 1 watch back on  24 April 2015. Now apple decided to launch its new watch series 2 with good features in this elusive country.

How apple making Watch Series 2 better from series 1 Watch

Apple gives to his first series watch the sense of identity and therefore a seamless in its presence  that the very first apple watch build do this but didn’t quite achieve. Now apple watches series 2 do these things really well it’s running on watch os 3. Already launched series one watch had a good design to chop but you will realize that unrealized thing after goes through the latest Apple Watch Series 2 low potential of series one. Overall,  you will have a great experience with apple series 2 more than series one.

Let’s  talk about Apple Watch Series 2 Hardware

If we talk about the hardware of watch series 2 it will be difficult to you find the major difference in one look and even second or third look. Apple made his series two more the same as series one. New watch has the same rounded shape(rectangular) size of 38 mm and 42 mm models which series one already have. The home button also at the same place where you see at series one. we found that there is a change of mic ports in series 2 rather series one has one single side of the watch. The Apple Watch Series 2 is thicker(slightly) 0.9 mm from the original watch series, but on other hand series 2 slightly heavier (4.2 grams)  than one, largely due to the higher capacity battery. Most important thing of  series 2 which we like fully waterproof you can tracking your swimming with this in your wrist.

Take a Glance at Apple Watch Series 2 Software : OS 3

Apple works better every time when they ready to launch a new product for their users. Apple doesn’t change the hardware design of watch rather did good work on watch software that we will see really much of software how good experience we will get from series 2. Thanks to apple redesign it’s software totally now it has a good experience as a natural partner in daily life. One feature that really highlights about interface how much more is going to be user-friendly in watch os 3. To switch SOS side button is used as a dedicated switch.


Apple changed in design it’s all about what you need in an easy search. Mac user quickly accessible many features (control panel)through one swipe that means you more than 80% of your work you want to do on your mac top screen not several swipes or press buttons like is changing watch faces, putting frequently used apps and managing watch faces.

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Conclusion :-

Overall as we talk about apple watch series 2 is the best smartwatch for you if it fit in your budget with a price tag of (369$) it’s a good hybrid watch will all features and good look design it has the brighter screen, faster performance, a waterproof design.

If you are have already apple mac or iPhone it suits you best. Thanks for read my article stay updated with FOLLOW UPDATES for all updates. Comment below if you want to share your thoughts about Apple watch series 2.

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