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Facebook Pledges Fever Content Removals New Criteria As Yet Unclear
Facebook Pledges Fever Content Removals New Criteria As Yet Unclear

Facebook Pledges Fever Content Removals New Criteria As Yet Unclear

Facebook Pledges Fever Content Removals New Criteria As Yet Unclear

It has been said that Faceb00k will start allowing more of its content on the platform that has been removed earlier because its standards have been violated and a new criterion has been introduced and worked out. It was said one of the senior executives of Facebook as he followed a row when an iconic photo of Vietnam War was removed.

It was also mentioned on the very same day that there were over seventy groups that questioned Faceb00k about the clarification of its policies to eliminate the content that is specifically related to the government; it alleges Facebook to censor its posts that show the violations of the rights of human beings.

Facebook provides extra content on its program

One month later, after this happening both the company as well as the Prime Minister named Erna Solberg both came into a contradiction when a famous photo was deleted from Facebook. When Faceb00k itself deleted the photo, it was posted by Solberg on the Facebook page owned by her. The picture was also deleted from the different websites as well as the Norwegian newspapers. A front-page campaign was also mounted to urge Faceb00k for permitting the publication.

Patrick Walker who is the director of Facebook media said that some policies of Facebook were changed after this scandal of the photo of The Terror of War. He also told that they improved the process of escalation of Facebook for ensuring that the controversial pictures, as well as the stories, were surfed comparatively at a quicker pace. He also told in one of his meetings that it would be allowed on Facebook that more and more items and products that are considered to be newsworthy and significant by the people and are according to the interest of public would not be prohibited.

It was also said by the executives’ Facebook team that it is their intent that more stories and pictures would be allowed on Facebook without any need for the risks involving safety or the images that most of the people don’t even want to see. Reuters was informed by Patrick Walker about Faceb00k that it was in the initial stages of the process to change the guidelines and for not being able to give any further details about it.

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An elite group of 5 elder administrators usually manages content policy

Afterward, it was reported by Reuters that there was an elite class group in which there were probably five executive members, directed the policy of the Faceb00k content on a daily basis. They also make some of the editorial calls for the judgment, specifically in the contradictions of the high profiles. The chief operating officer named Sheryl Sandberg was also included in this group of the senior executives.

To the Faceb00k audience that belong to the group of journalists and stuff like that, it was said by the team of officials that Facebook had to maintain some standards that are applicable globally regarding the content, since it was supposed to be mindful that some of the Facebook content was not acceptable for some of the countries, though it was accepted easily by the people of some other countries. After all this discussion, it is still unclear that what is the present status of the publication of Faceb00k content.

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