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Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone coming in next Spring 2017
Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone coming in next Spring 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone coming in next Spring 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 Update Coming in Next Spring March 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 – Microsoft said that we’ve are not in the news for some time because we are focusing on the next big Windows 10 release would happen in Spring 2017. Also said that we have a kind of more detailed considerate of the plan, which is to finalize this version in spring March 2017.

We  know, this is not exactly big news: March 21, 2017, is, of course, the first day of Spring. And lets me tell the truth: Microsoft will take the proper time they needs to be finalized this major release, so spring is still a rumored date. And, finally, that date, even if Microsoft hits it, doesn’t mean all that much:

This release would not goes live publicly just before weeks later. And if the Anniversary Update is any guide, until months later for some.

Microsoft Windows 10 launched new update in March 2017

Latest news on this big update comes from window 10 preview build newly broadcast between a representative of Microsoft’s Insider Program. On the behalf of an MS power user, this build features diverse remark to “Windows 10 Version 1703.”

For launched new update, last Microsoft Windows 10 updated version Microsoft used a year and month naming tradition. We can give you an example the last update by Microsoft released was in November 2015 with a named version 1511, we are using appropriate the same YY/MM structure that has used in the previous update. According to this would suggest next update by Microsoft planned by in next spring march 2017.

The Red stone 2 Insider Preview is just getting started, meaning we have a few months of growth remain before this next update is ready for the public. Insiders are encouraged to begin taking users feedback and ideas now for Microsoft to start implementing them.

The new update program called Red stone 2 is just getting started, Microsoft has several months before it’s ready to public. They started to begin users feedback and idea for implementing them to give the user a better experience.

Features on which Microsoft is working.

Office Hub :- Is in one of features area where Microsoft is working on an upcoming update. In the next update, it will be more integrate office 365, with easy and quick access. Next promising thing is start menu and Cortana.

Working Sets :-  will give you the access organize everything related to a project into a set,think if it lives in many different apps, and you can  pin it to your Start Menu as a live tile.

OneClip :- do you remember Microsoft one clip yes it’s not dead now it will have come in new update integrated with office 365. This will help you copy and paste easily with your phone to PC.

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Bluetooth GATT support for wearable :- In upcoming spring update Microsoft has decided to Bluetooth GATT support will be in windows.

GATT is a Bluetooth gadgets companies like Fit bit who already known as Bluetooth gadgets they will read and display user phone notifications to their fitness wearable. Fit bit is playing an important role to enable Bluetooth GATT for Microsoft Windows 10 and Mobile, and other companies will likely follow.

But wait, there’s more!

Stay updated with follow updates over the upcoming for more exclusive Red stone coverage, including what big things Microsoft is planning for the spring updates in 2017

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