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Samsung Chromebook Pro, Review, Price, Feature, Release Date
Samsung Chromebook Pro, Review, Price, Feature, Release Date

Samsung Chromebook Pro, Review, Price, Feature, Release Date

Samsung Chromebook Pro Quick Review

South Korean Samsung company well knows as for their huge market  of smartphones, tv, smart wearables It’s currently in the news for their “note 7” explode. This makes a big impact on Samsung even lots of authority banned Samsung note 7 carried within flights. But it doesn’t mean Samsung will roll over and kill itself.Now it’s going to launch its own Samsung Chromebook Pro upcoming 24 October in next week. Own Chromebook would not mean that is the first Chromebook by Samsung. It already released their Chromebook back on June 15, 2011

A Features Packed Samsung Chromebook Pro in your Budget

Chromebook is well known by running on chrome browser.Google Chromebook is the most using browser in the world. This could be reason focus more on the Chromebook by companies. Google also launched it’s two Chromebook in the market. Generally, Chromebook comes in the range of 200$ to 300$. But the new Samsung Chromebook come with plenty of features and will not give an impact on your pocket. According to the expectation will come with a price tag of about 500$ in the USA.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Design, Processor, Performance and Weight

With an expected price tag of this upcoming Chromebook is in the news of Chromebook market. This hybrid Chromebook comes with 360 degrees that are don’t have others. Supposedly it may have come in sleek design 13.9 mm (½ inch thick) with a screen resolution of (2400 x 1600) with touchscreen display have an ability of play 4k videos etc..Where the most Chromebook worst display.

Processors are the most important aspects for every Chromebook this new Samsung Chromebook is loaded with the latest six-core Rockchip processor, 4Gb Ram and 32gb of storage. The battery of this Chromebook can give you about 10 hours in a single charge. The weight of this Chromebook is 1 kg you can carry it easily without any hassle.

According to the above specification of processors seems that make a big impact on performance. The user can take the most grateful experience with all these features. Battery life is also a good thing.

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In conclusion, after read all specs and all we can say going with this Chromebook is a good idea. Many similar Chromebook is available in this budget. But in my opinion going with this fully featured pack is a good idea and it will give you a trendy look also.

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